porsche 911 Singer - Wax protection Detail


This Porsche 911 Singer has a fascinating history.  It belongs to the owner of an internationally renowned paint company who wanted a classic 911 rebuilt to his specification. 

In 2015 he purchased a 1991 Porsche 911 and then had it shipped to Singer in California.  The car was then customised to the client’s specifications.  This included an interior containing the family tartan and an exterior colour taken from a paint swatch from an interior paint for the home.  Car paint was then mixed to this colour and the car resprayed.  This beautifully reimagined classic 911 was then shipped back to the UK.

This was where Carbon Detailing entered the picture, as the owner wanted the bodywork treated before the car was allowed out on the road.

 It was given a fundamental clean, followed by a single-stage machine polish.  The paintwork was then coated with SwissVax 'Best of Show' wax to provide full protection and a deep gloss shine.