New Car Paint protection package


Ceramic Protection creates a highly repellent coating on the surface which is extremely low maintenance. This means, no more waxing or re-application is needed.


  • Wheels 
    • 3 step clean inside and outside the barrel
    • Removal of iron filings embedded in the alloy
    • Arches –to remove stubborn dirt that can cause rust and rot
  • Exhaust Tailpipes 
    • Remove coke build up, carbon deposits, metal filings and tar 
  • Bodywork Step 1 
    • Snow foam 
    • Fall-out removal if required
  • Bodywork Step 2
    • 2 bucket method
    • 2 (new) lambs wool mitts with PH neutral soap

Clay Mitt Stage

  • Removal of any contamination on all paintwork panels

Vehicle Drying  

    • 600gsm silk edged towels followed by Microfiber towels
    • Vehicle blow-dried to remove excess water in door shuts, sills etc

Bitumen Removal (if needed – tar spots felt and found by hand)


    • Vehicle protected and taped 
    • Single stage light polish (detail)


    • Dry vacuum
    • Blow out and brush of the interior (including vents)
    • Wipe down of interior / all finishes

The next stage, if required, is to rebuild the wet gloss look – mirror finish using a refined gloss compound.

Finally, the Ceramic Paint Protection is applied.   

By applying Ceramic Paint Protection, you spend more time driving and less time cleaning.


The product used offers:

  • Ultra hydrophobic
  • Durable for 2-3 years
  • Water repellancy angle of 110º
  • Draining angle as low as 17º
  • High chemical resistance
  • Works on gloss & matt finishes  


Prices Start from £750

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 water beeding paint protection 
 paint protection mercedes A45 amg