Paint correction & Ceramic coating/wax coating


All Paint Correction details are sealed in at the end with our recommended Ceramic Coating Paint Protection. This will seal all our hard work in, leaving a tougher harder layer over the vehicle's clear coat that is more resilient to the atmosphere. It will also stop dirt from bonding so quickly to the surface of the paint, therefore keeping the car looking cleaner for longer.


All Paint Correction Details need to receive a Fundamental Detail first followed by:

  • Wet sanding 
  • Heavy cut compound to cut back scratches and marks
  • Medium cut compound to remove polish marks
  • Refined gloss compound to rebuild wet gloss/mirror finish
  • Ceramic or wax paint protection applied


Why not give your luxury vehicle the flawless finish it deserves


Prices Start from £550

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Two examples of paint correction

Before and after

 Ferrari detailing paint correcting
 Range rover paint correction