Maintenance detail


In order to get the best possible result, a maintenance detail is only available for vehicles that have been treated with a paint protection / correction package.  Ideally, Carbon Detailing would have carried this out, therefore we would know and trust the quality of the treatment.

The regularity of the maintenance detail will depend on the usage of the vehicle.  We are happy to discuss this with you.

Our Maintenance Detail packages includes:


  • Wheels 
    • 3 step clean inside and outside the barrel
    • Removal of iron filings embedded in the alloy
    • Arches –to remove stubborn dirt that can cause rust and rot
  • Exhaust Tailpipes 
    • Remove coke build up, carbon deposits, metal filings and tar 
  • Bodywork Step 1 
    • Snow foam 
    • Fall-out removal if required
  • Bodywork Step 2
    • 2 bucket method
    • 2 (new) lambs-wool mitts with PH neutral soap

Vehicle Drying  

    • 600gsm silk edged towels followed by Microfiber towels
    • Vehicle blow-dried to remove excess water in door shuts, sills etc


    • Vehicle protected and taped 
    • Single stage light polish (detail)


    • Dry vacuum
    • Blow and brush of the interior (including vents) 
    • Wipe down of interior / all finishes


A Maintenance Detail will help to ensure your vehicle is kept in showroom condition.


Prices Start from £140

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