Ferrari 458 spider - Paint protection


Some of the supercars and luxury vehicles that Carbon Detailing are asked to care for are beautiful and valuable classics from decades ago.  It is however, worth emphasising that high-quality valeting and detailing should begin when the car is new if owners want to preserve resale value.  

This beautiful Ferrari 458 was purchased new.  When it left the showroom, it was in great condition apart from the very light surface marks typical of all cars coming straight from the factory.  The owner consulted Carbon Detailing about their removal, and was advised that as they were very light, and because the car had just had expensive paint protection applied, he should delay a paint correction until the life of the existing paint protection coating was over. In the interim, Carbon Detailing maintained the car with regular monthly cleaning and valeting.

When the paint protection had worn to the point that it was no longer doing its proper job, Carbon Detailing undertook the paint correction and paint protection the owner wanted.

First, the car was given a fundamental clean.  This was followed by a two-stage machine polish: a light paint correction followed by a gloss enhancement to deepen the shine.

Finally, the paintwork was given full protection with a ceramic coating from Carbon Collective's Oracle range.

With the exterior fully treated, the interior was cleaned and protective coatings applied to the leather and carpets.